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Depression And Cancer: I'ts Like Being Trapped Inside Your Own Mind And Body With No Escape

You get diagnosed with a disease, and suddenly the world begins to collapse from underneath you. You're in denial. You're emotions are intensified and you're trying so hard to figure out what you're next move is, right? 

But as the time passes by and you have a plan, the depression hits you. But this isn't like normal depression, it's different. It's a depression caused from living in the uncontrollable fear that you're going to die. It sucks you in. It takes you over, and you're paralyzed. 

At least that's how it is for me. I'm living this life that I don't recognize. And the worst part is that I've never been more alone. I wake up every fucking day wondering what I'm living for. What's the point? Where am I going? I try so hard to be a good person, to try to help out, but when it's never good enough, how do you go on from that?

I'm a prisoner in my own body and mind and I can't escape. I have the words to say, but …

A Letter To Anyone Who Accused Me Of Lying About My Illness

Dear You,

It's been a while since I've said anything about the preposterous accusations and lies that you've been spreading about me for the last several months. You see, when I heard the things you were saying, deep down I wanted to say so much about it. I wanted to defend myself, and prove each and every one of you wrong because I have the ability to do so. I have the proof. I have the signatures. I have the video footage to just be able to prove that all you've been spreading are lies.

But I didn't and I have stayed silent through this entire mess. 

You might wonder why I just sat around and did nothing when I had the chance to clear my name, my reputation. Well here's your explanation, after all this time.

Not that you deserve one. 

 I'm a twenty four year old adult, and I owe nothing to anyone. I answered your accusations with silence because at the end of the day, what do I lose? A few "friends"? I'm not worried about the fact that none …